Technology Project Management Services

TechKnowledge’s project manager ensures his project is transitioned smoothly and completed on time and within budget. TechKnowledge delivers our time-tested Precision Project Management® services for every technology project, designating a Project Manager who will coordinate necessary transitions and facilitate communication between each technology team member.

Myriad details must come together with precision in any technology project in order to provide cost effective telecommunications, A/V, security, and data services on time and within budget. Our team is experienced in anticipating and resolving problems before they impact a project.

TechKnowledge emphasizes a collaborative approach to projects, acting as a “single point of contact” combining the client’s unique knowledge of their environment with our expertise in computing, communications and large scale project deployment.

TechKnowledge clients take advantage of our experience to avoid costly disruption during a transition. During our years of experience we have found a number of items essential to successfully managing the completion of a technology project.



  • Clearly Define the Requirements
  • Foster Communication and Coordination of Work
  • Frequent Unannounced Inspection of Work in Progress
  • Change Control
  • Cutover Leadership
  • Post Occupancy Details
  • Techknowledge delivers on time and within budget - EVERY TIME

Flexible Design Approach

Our Information Technology Design Platform provides for scalability and future growth.

Budget Oversight

We assist controlling budgets for the IT department to provide the best environment for success and financial control.

Implementation / Change Management

We provide critical planning, training and staff development for the most progressive technology projects.

Technology Planning Support

The TechKnowledge team develops broad, flexible, strategic, technology plans to maintain flexible, cost effective communications and information networks.

System Integration Management

TechKnowledge is a leader in consulting, design and integration of voice, data, video, security, and the physical infrastructure in today's fast paced evolving technology.

“TechKnowledge always seems to be able to provide the right experience to help address these projects with a scope that fits our budget and with a team that is professional, helpful and knowledgeable.”


Precision Project Management® -

Physical Infrastructure for Technology|Cabling, Racks and Pathway|Business Technology Planning Services|Business Security|Specifications and Acquisitions

Implement our Precision Project Management® to your business for future development.

Business Continuity Plan

We prepare your business' lifeline in case of disaster or emergency.

Cabling, Racks and Pathway

TechKnowledge Project Managers are skilled at deploying technology.

Specifications and Acquisitions

Techknowledge specifications and acquisitions team documents the client's functional requirements in a Request for Proposal.

Disaster Recovery

It is placed in motion to resume the business cycle to normal once Business Continuity Plan is executed.

Business Security

Our expert advisors perform risk assessments, security surveys and vulnerability analysis.

Physical Infrastructure for Technology

With proven track records deploying technology.